Arteffect Bonnie Wah-Wah Pedal




We bet you've seen many so-called clones of the Clyde McCoy Signature wah pedal, so how is Bonnie any different? Read on…

Bonnie is not another boring clone, it's the most accurate recreation of the 'Signature' wah pedal ever produced!

Bonnie offers today's guitar player the same sound and response that a new 'Signature' wah would offer back in the 60's while enjoying the benefits of modern construction and engineering.

We feel confident that you'll instantly notice that Bonnie is not like any other wah pedal on the market today. It's accurately redesigned down to the smallest detail; be it the board layout, ICAR taper potentiometer, transistors, Halo Replica inductor (ArielFX) or the exclusively produced Tropicana™ capacitors - everything is authentic!

Perfecting Bonnie was a long and hard journey, after which we are confident that its unique tone and voice will inspire you through countless hours of musical creation.

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