Arion HU-8500 Stage Tuner


  • Pitch (pushbutton)



The Arion HU-8500 Stage Tuner Pedal lets you quickly tune on stage in a matter of seconds. This stage tuner features a one LED note indicator that can be read from 6 feet away. 9 LEDs indicate whether you are sharp or flat and guide you to the perfect pitch. A pitch calibration button allows you to calibrate anywhere from 440Hz to 445Hz. The HU-8500 Stage Tuner Pedal features an easy-open battery compartment for simple 9-volt operation.

This tuner can be used "in line" and does not affect the guitar signal. Simply a must-have accessory for every stage player.

Specifications and Features:

  • Power Supply not included
  • Power Requirements: DC 9V Battery or 100mA - 200mA AC Adapter
  • Measuring Method - Automatic measurement by quartz control microcomputer
  • Indication - LED Alphabet display
  • Music Detection - Input jack
  • Tunable Notes - E, A, D, G, B
  • Tuning Zone - -100 to +100 percent
  • Pitch Calibration - 440 to 445Hz, 1Hz step
  • Accuracy - +/- 1 percent
  • Output Jack - Bypass
  • Dimensions - 73W x 50H x 127D mm
  • Weight - 390 grams including battery


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1 review, average score of 9 / 10

2017-05-169/10  Had it for years, decades even. Still going strong and still as accurate as more modern tuners that I have....

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