ArielFX AC128 Germanium Phuzz Phace


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This is our germanium Fuzz Face clone with AC128 transistors and real true bypass!

You don´t have to tell us how many people love the good old Fuzz Face pedals… Oh, wait! Did I say "good old"? Well, old doesn´t mean it´s all that good really. The old fuzz boxes that were made with germanium transistors did not always sound great because the transistors were not matched up well and if that´s not exactly right the pedal will never sound good.

We know that many people build Face clones so what can we offer that they don´t already offer?

The absolute best components we can buy, best workmanship and best matched AC128 germanium transistors (like those that were used in the originals).

After gain matching the transistors with high-tech (not really) equipment we use our ears to test the pedal. Only if it sounds good to us (and damn we are picky) we pack the pedal comfortably and send it to its new home.

There are two control knobs for fuzz and volume. A 3PDT footswitch is used to turn the effect ON / OFF. A LED will light up when the effect is in use and will turn off when the box is bypassed. The unit runs on a single 9V battery or from an optional wall power adaptor.

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