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The good thing about the standard CAPRICORN is the fact that it can get really nasty. Lots of customers compare the sound to that of Chris Wolstenholme of Muse on songs like “Starlight”. The bad thing is that sometimes it's just a bit too nasty and you want to back it off a little. In other occasions, the sound is just not big enough and you want something more three-dimensional (for lack of a better word). For those occasions we designed the Capricorn+, a combination of the Capricorn Bass Fuzz and a MOSFET Boost with the unique option of blending between those two sounds.

The ARGER CAPRICORN PLUS BASS FUZZ BOOST is a high gain bass fuzz and boost pedal. With seven controls you can add an entire spectrum of fuzz and boost sounds to your bass.

The ARGER CAPRICORN+ has seven control knobs to tailor your sound. To keep things simple, we'll group the controls by effect. The controls for the fuzz are found on the left-hand side of the pedal and are grouped in two rows of two knobs, the two controls for the boost are (you guessed it!) on the right-hand side. Last but definitely not least, the BLEND knob is parked somewhere right of the middle.

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