Arger Aquarius - Optical Tremolo



The first “guitar effects” were the result of molesting amp speakers with razorblades, thus resulting in a distorted sound. Once people discovered that there were other ways to change your guitar sound, the tremolo was soon born. There were two ways to achieve this trick, the first was changing the bias of the amp's tubes (try that with your Leo Germanium Fuzz and you'll get the point) and the other was based on a lamp and a photocell. It's this method that's being used for the Aquarius Optical Tremolo.

The Aquarius also features a toggle which lets you adjust the feel from a traditional soothing tremolo to a hard "machine-gun" stutter. Speed and Depth controls provide a wide range to include very slow and deep sounds. A gain control lets you cut or boost the output level. Additionally, the Air and Soft controls give you the ability to further shape the tremolo wave, providing you with unique and near endless possibilities to get your tone.

The Aquarius Optical Tremolo truly has the "vintage" tremolo tone found in old Fender amps. It is very warm and musical. A must-have for blues, jazz, indie and!!

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