Area 51


    Area 51 consists of Daniel Albrecht and his wife Anita. Their shop is located in Fremont, MI, USA.

    Timeline (by Daniel Albrecht)

    • September 2001: The 9/11 thing had just happened, and sales at Kendrick really slowed down. We had a pretty hard time making payroll for a while there. At the same time, Anita and I had our mortgage payment go up. So I had to get creative! I had the idea for the add-on trem, so I cleared it with Gerald and started building them on my own out of an extra room in our house. The garage was also involved, as was a picnic table in our yard (for painting chassis). About as low tech as you can get!
    • December 2001: I prototyped the first tremolo.
    • February 2002: Started selling trems on ebay. Developed the early website.
    • December 2002: The first Area 51 Wah kits were built and sold.
    • Spring/Summer 2003: Began building Area 51 Wah pedals. This was about the time that I got the online store and better website up.
    • Fall 2004: Began building Area 51 amps.
    • Late 2005: Started doing the Area 51 gig exclusively.
    • May 2006: Moved the whole thing back to Michigan, where we're originally from.
    • September 2008: Area 51 Fuzz introduced
    • January 2010: Buffer pedal introduced.
    • October 2010: Moved to Fremont, MI - our present location.

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