Arcane Analog FF-00 Si/Ge Hybrid Fuzz Face


Arcane Analog

What we have here is a classic Fuzz Face design with modern features. These have the typical Gain and Fuzz controls of the classic Fuzz Face but they also include an external Bias control for a wider range of saturation (especially when used in combination with other pedals) and added temperature stability. The combination of silicon and germanium transistors provides a unique flavour of fuzz and while be somewhat more temperature stable.


  • 100% Hand Crafted 
  • Veroboard Construction
  • True Bypass Switching 
  • Handwired Leads! No board mounted pots! 
  • Combination of modern Silicon and NOS germanium transistors. 
  • Custom Etched enclosure. 
  • Each pedal comes with a one year parts and labour warranty - the buyer is responsible for any and all shipping costs associated with the repair.

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