Arcane Analog FaceBender - Rangemaster + Fuzz Face


Arcane Analog

The Facebender houses two classic curcuits: a Rangemaster feeding a Fuzz Face. You can use them separately for their classic sounds. When you combine the two you have something that resembles a fire-breathing MKII Tonebender.

White these pedals have all of the classic tones of the originals a few substantial additions make these much more versatile of the modern player. The addition of a tone knob on the Rangemaster side allows you to dial in classic treble boost tones, a full spectrum boost and hit everything in between. The addition of a bias knob of the Fuzz face affords you a much wider array of fuzz tones and helps stabilize the transistors for temperature swings. Lastly, these are negative ground pedals so you can daisy chain them on a standard power supply.


  • 100% Hand Crafted
  • Custom Etched Enclosure
  • Tagboard Construction
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Handwired Leads - No board mounted pots!
  • NOS Trio of hand selected Military Grade Germanium Transistors
  • Negative Ground and easily daisy chained with your other effects
  • Quality components throughout including BC/Philips Electrolytic Caps, Military Grade Film Caps and Neutrik jacks.

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