Arcane Analog NKT213 Buzzaround


  • Tone
  • Bias
  • Fuzz


Arcane Analog

What we have here are tributes to the mighty Baldwin Burns Buzzaround. These are housed in a custom powdercoated enclosure that is reminiscent of the original. This run is limited to only 13 units.

These have the typical controls of the Buzzaround: Timbre (Tone), Balance (Bias) and Sustain (Fuzz).


  • 100% Hand Crafted
  • Tagboard Construction (Just like the original)
  • Handwired Leads - No board mounted pots!
  • Shielded wiring for low noise operation.
  • NOS Trio of NKT213 germanium transistors.
  • NOS Germanium Diode
  • Quality components throughout including BC/Philips Electrolytic Caps, Wima Capacitors, 1% Metal Film Resistors and Neutrik jacks.
  • Custom powder coated enclosure.
  • The Bias knob is also a battery Kill Switch.
  • Each pedal comes with a one year parts and labour warranty.

$295 Shipped/PPed

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