Arcane Analog BMP-73


Arcane Analog

The BMP-73 is Arcane Analog's recreation of the 1973 Electro-Harmonix Ram's Head Big Muff. The circuit is based on a trace of an excellent sounding original. The BMP-73 uses the mythical 2N5133 transistors which have been careful selected and screened. The pedal is housed in a vintage correct reproduction enclosure. As per Arcane Analog's usual practice, only 13 of these pedals were made.


  • 100% Hand Crafted
  • Hand silk screened vintage reproduction enclosure.
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Heavy duty hand etched PCB.
  • Handwired Leads - No board mounted pots!
  • NOS Quartet of 2N5133 transistors as used in the original.
  • Quality components throughout including BC/Philips Electrolytic Caps, Siemens Capacitors, 1% Metal Film Resistors, 24mm pots and Neutrik jacks.

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