Aramat Tubular Tremolo


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Aramat Effects

Introducing the new Tubular Tremolo! I designed this effect to sound warm and buttery, as close as possible to vintage tube amp tremolo. Our pedal does not color your tone like other cheap, mass-produced effects can.

So far the Tubular Tremolo has gotten a very positive reception from owners, with a nearly perfect rating (like many of our pedals)on Harmony-Central User Reviews website. The Tubular Tremolo is simple but also has a wide range of settings from slow and mellow to fast and choppy (square wave) and everything in between. This very user-friendly pedal is ideal whether you are looking for mellow rippling, classic tube amp waves, or even psychedelic stutter. Plug it in and catch a wave!

A nice bonus feature of our Tubular Tremolo is that it can also be used as a clean boost (very clean, no grit). You can achieve this my simply turning the "Depth" control all of the way down to remove the ripple effect of the Tremolo and increase the "Volume" knob to your desired setting.

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