Aramat Soul Patch Fuzz


  • Vol.
    controls the output volume of the effect
  • Fuzz
    controls the amount of fuzz
  • Soul
    controls the frequency of small boosted range of frequencies, turning the knob clockwise moves that frequency from low to high (bass to treble).


Aramat Effects

An extremely vocal and expressive fuzz/drive pedal (overfuzz?). It is an upgrade of the vintage, hailed and nearly impossible to acquire Sola/Colorsound Tonebender MK III pedal, as used by Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, and other greats. Think early Black Sabbath or Led Zep. If you are seeking that classic warm heavy grind of the classic fuzz effects with a wide variety of tones this is your pedal! At the right setting the Soul Patch makes even single coil pickups sound like fat humbuckers.

The Soul Patch Fuzz heats up a trio of new old stock matched Germanium Transistors (AC128), which breathe vitality and personality into the effect. When the Fuzz level at or below 12 o'clock the effect of an overdriven tube amp just on the verge of breaking up is created. By increasing the "Fuzz" level you will add gain and a nearly endless supply of sustain. The "Soul" control adjusts the effects tone from dark and moody to shimmering (and everything in between).

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