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Introducing our brand new Organic Compressor! We have gotten many requests to make the ultimate compressor and I believe that we've nailed it.

This is a very organic and transparent sounding compressor. It allows your tone to come though as clear as a bell and adds sustain while evening out the overall level of your guitar or bass. Softly played notes come through a little louder and loud notes come out sounding a bit softer.

This effect produces a very clean, even, and smooth tone, ideal for recording or live situations. Our pedal will not color your tone or cut out your high frequencies like many compressors tend to do, leaving your tone sounding dull and lifeless. With the Organic Compressor you will retain all of your guitar's natural sparkle while adding fullness and sustain.

We designed this pedal to be dead quiet so that there is no added noise to your signal. The Organic Compressor is a pedal that definitely "plays well with others". It adds unparalleled definition and clarity to your signal when used in conjunction with a chorus, phasor, wah, or just about any effect. The "Bias" knob will let you fine tune the effect to dial in the right balance of compression for your taste. You can dial in either more gain and less compression or vice versa, making this a very unique, versatile, and terrific sounding pedal. The added gain makes our pedal work like a clean-boost to add grind to your tone.

Whether you need a compressor to leave on all of the time, kick in for hot leads, or simply to make your tone more full and balanced the Organic Compressor can't be beat.

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