Aramat Mojo Fuzz


  • Vol.
    controls the output volume of the effect
  • Fuzz
    controls the amount of fuzz
  • Mojo
    controls the biasing of the transistors


Aramat Effects

The Mojo Fuzz is an upgraded version of the vintage two-knob Fuzz Face circuit and is NOT a clone. Incorporating two matched Germanium Transistors (AC128, new old stock) makes the Mojo Fuzz a very dynamic effect which can absolutely not be recreated by digital means as some current "modelling" effects attempt to do. When the "Fuzz" level is cranked and the Mojo (bias) is at 12 o'clock, this effect sounds like the ultimate FuzzFace. When the Mojo is near or at maximum setting, you can obtain the fat and exciting "superfuzz" wall of tone.

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