Aqua Audio Sarcasm - Cranked Distortion


Aqua Audio

So many distortion pedals on the market, so many sound the same...

Using a new clipping topology together with feedback, the Sarcasm Distortion pedal mimics a cranked amp you could typically here back in the 70's, without the heavy compression you typically get when using a pedal.

A lot of effort was put into this design to eliminate the typical harshness that solid state components produce.

All AQUA-AUDIO products are hand made.


  • Operation Voltage: 9VDC nominal (power supply only)
  • Bypass: True bypass
  • Current draw: 4mA
  • Max gain: 24dB
  • Input Impedance: 500kOhm
  • Controls: Volume, Gain, Tone


  • Neutrik jacks
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • Die cast aluminum enclosure


  • Height: 4.8cm
  • Length: 11.5cm
  • Width: 6.8cm

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