Aphek Peanut Butter Distortion


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Aphek (2004)

The Peanut Butter distortion pedal is unique. Whereas other pedals change the balance of high, mid and low frequencies in your sound, Peanut Butter, sounds as if you've turned up the output (not preamp) of your amp! It has a modest amount of gain, similar to turning up the output on a vintage, non-master volume amp.

This pedal came out of my 15-year search to get the sound of my cranked vintage amps--at a usable volume. I've tried preamps, load boxes and just about every overdrive/distortion pedal ever made. A lot of them sounded great for lead work, but changed my tone too much for chords. This may be the most natural distortion ever, retaining note definition when playing chords and giving a very natural, bluesy lead tone.

The pedal features a Drive Control, (Smooth to Crunchy), an Output Level Control (Less to More with heaps of output); a Clear/Green Status LED and 100% True Bypass Switching. It will run on either a 9V battery, or external adapter. Each unit is hand assembled and hand painted.

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