Aphek Peanut Butter Model T Overdrive



The Peanut Butter Model T offers a gritty, raw, vintage style breakup reminiscent of the low-powered amps from the fifties. It has a looser feel than the Sunday Driver, and a slightly warmer tone. The Model T retains the much revered sound of the original Peanut Butter Overdrive, adding a six position top end filter, and a mean switch.

The mean foot switch increases the gain, giving you a liquidy sustain. All this adds up to a versatile pedal that sounds very organic and natural, that can move transparently from your clean amp sound, to light break up, and to high break up. The pedal features true bypass and has a heavy duty powder coated finish, with clear/green and clear/red status LEDs. It will run on either a 9 volt battery or a Boss style external adapter.

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