MonkeyFx GTX2.2 Drive Modelling


Apezila (previously MonkeyFx)

GTX2.2 - guitar drive amp modelling

GTX2.2 is a 2 Channel overdrive/distortion pedalthat can simulate sounds of different amplifiers. Each channel has 4 control knobs: GAIN, LEVEL, HI, LOW.

Channel A (on the left side) is selected when the LED near the channel select switch is green, channel B (on the right side) is selected when that LED is red.

Except for the AMP, MIC and MOD switches each channel has its own controls.

GTX2.2 was based on the Sansamp, but sounds different from the original Sansamp.

You can set the MIC and MOD switch together for uncompress sound with fully dynamic.

GTX2.2 haq 5 models of simulated amplifiers:

  1. Boogie
  2. Marshall
  3. Peavey
  4. AC
  5. TWEED

GTX2.2 have a 5 model of simulate MIC position:

  1. Off Axis
  2. Center
  3. Classic
  4. On Axis
  5. Full Dynamic(Bypass MIC position and uncompress sound)

GTX2.2 have a 5 model of simulate cabinet:

  1. Hot wired
  2. Hi gain
  3. Clean
  4. Extra Gain (more gain and dynamic)
  5. Practice (small sound like a practice amp)

GTX2.2 is the true bypass operated with 9Vdc and Not less than 150mA from pedal power supply. Can not be used with battery. LED on channel switch is on at all times.

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