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Animals Pedal

Animals Pedal / Firewood Acoustic D.I.

The timbre of an acoustic guitar sometimes gives peace, sometimes severe emotions are scattered. The appeal of "Unplugged" makes the world guitarist even more leap forward, roar Grange rock band made a further legend with "Unplugged". For acoustic guitar, we can not separate classical and fork as well as rock guitarist.

Animals Pedal Firewood Acoustic D.I. is an active DI pedal for electric and acoustic guitars that demonstrates its power in live stages and recording. It is manufactured with analog and discrete circuits, it outputs to a mixer or an amplifier without missing delicate expressions.

It is a simple and compact pedal, but it has various functions.

The powerful 3-band active equalizer which can adjust the tone according to the characteristics of the music, the venue, the guitar and the power amplifier, and can turn on / off with the foot switch is a warm and balanced tone like a classic nylon string, We create a variety of acoustic sounds such as a sharp gleaming tone that makes ensemble and vocals stand out.

The three equalizers High, Mid, and Low adjust the tone strongly in the range of ± 15 dB, centered on 3.5 kHz, 800 Hz, and 180 Hz, respectively. It is also effective as a control that cuts unnecessary bands and suppresses feedback as well as making sounds.

With the GAIN control that can add light saturation, add a power and presence to the sound.

It has an effects loop, it is also possible to apply effects such as chorus and delay when using it as an acoustic guitar or as a boost pedal.

Also equipped with balanced out of the XLR terminal that can output the guitar directly to the mixer. It can also be driven with phantom power. Power can be supplied from the mixer etc. even at the venue where the outlet is insufficient such as outdoor stage.

Also, when driving with an adapter, DC out which can supply power to pedals etc. of effect loop is also equipped, and it demonstrates its power in various systems.

Firewood Acoustic D.I. is not simply a pedal with a functional superiority. The high headroom and the sound of the sticking circuit output clearly the tone of the guitar itself.

You can dare make hard "eleaco sound" as pakpaki, but you can output the tone unique to acoustic guitars that are warmer and deeper, to details. Even in the live stage, I will make a sound close to the microphone recording in the studio.


  • LEVEL: Adjusts the overall volume.
  • LOW: Adjust the low range in the range of ± 15 dB centered on 180 Hz.
  • MID: Adjust the midrange in the range of ± 15 dB centered at 800 Hz.
  • HIGH: Adjusts the high range in the range of ± 15 dB centered on 3.5 kHz.
  • GAIN: Adjust the output level and control the saturation of the entire tone. It can also distort lightly.
  • INVERT: Reverses the phase.
  • Foot switch: Bypass EQ.

Inputs / outputs:

  • DC 9 VIN: Connect the standard center minus DC 9 V adapter.
  • DC 9 VOUT: When driven by the adapter, power is supplied to the outside.
  • IN: It's input. Connect the cable on the instrument side.
  • LOOP: This is an effect loop. From S (SEND) to the input of the effect in the loop, R (RETURN) connects the cable from the output of the effect in the loop. The effect loop is always active.
  • UNBAL: It is unbalanced out. Connect the cable to the guitar amp etc.
  • BAL / 48V: balanced out of XLR pin. Used when connecting to a mixer or the like. Also, when using phantom power it will be supplied from here. Phantom LED will light up when phantom power is supplied.


  • Current consumption: 5 mA
  • Input impedance: 500 K
  • Maximum power level: 4 dBV at 1 Khz
  • Output impedance (unbalanced): 10K
  • Output impedance (balanced): 100 ohm
  • Effect loop impedance (SEND): 10K
  • Effect loop impedance (RETURN): 100K
  • S / N ratio: -100 dBv
  • Type: Preamp / DI (for acoustic guitar)
  • Adapter: 9 V center minus / phantom power
  • Battery drive: -
  • Control: LEVEL, LOW, MID, HIGH, GAIN, INVERT switch

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