Animal Factory Amplification Baron Samedi - Fuzz


Animal Factory Amplification

Synthy, lo-fi, obscene fuzz.

The enormous quantities of rum consumed during the development of this idiosyncratic fuzz have paid off well.

Steeped in voodoo mystique, playful and chaotic, obscene and disruptive all at once, the Baron will oversee the life and death of your sound. Respect him, for what you give is what you get! 

The AFA Baron Samedi Fuzz is based on the legendary Jordan Bosstone, but sounds nothing like one. Additional gain and a very strange tone control add more aggression, fullness and bite to the sound. The interactivity of the top three knobs make this a raucous pedal that yields an entire variety of sounds, from a great vintage fuzz tone to synthier sounds with faux-portamento decay. 



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