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Stone Gossard  and Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, Warren Haynes, Britt Daniel of Spoon, David Grissom, Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie, John Mayer and many others have chosen the Centaur in their pedalboard! What if it's your turn now?

This unique overdrive has been created by Klon in the 95'. The aim was to create a transparent overdrive which doesn't alters your signal but rather enhance it.

Today, this pedals is highly requested and in order to serve you, we've created for you, the savage!

We didn't just make a clone, we wanted to cut off some treebles, add some saturation and update the schematic. This one was redesigned a lot of times until we got this little gem. (This is the version 3.2)

The power supply has been updated with higher quality components and a noise filter.

We chose a TC1044 and an OPA Texas Instrument TLC274 with better specifications and performances.

The vintage clipping still works with Germanium diodes. But, a switch allows you to pass from vintage to a modern clipping.

We've compared the Save and the Centaur. We've found the same sound than the guenine one and so more!

External settings:

  • GAIN, dual ganged potentiometer which controls the saturation of the preampli and mix the buffer's output with the drive!
  • TONE, to control the selected tone frequencies.
  • OUT, boost up to +25dB!
  • CLIPPING switch, M for Modern, V for Vintage. Take more saturation in modern or keep the traditional Centaur's sound in Vintage.
  • TONE switch, T for Treeble, M for Medium, in the treeble position, your tone potentiometer cuts some treebles. In medium you cut the medium.

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