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Another compressor? What’s up?

Today it’s common to purchase a compressor which we spend hours to set thresholds, attack, ratio, release, etc… Then we play a chord and the result is a small volume pump effect adjusting every time. In addition, when it compresses, well… it compresses!!! We say goodbye to our wonderful fingering and to the dynamic of our guitar which had cost a LOT.
Finally, we understand that this compressor is not for us, and we let place to the sound engineer and ask him to do some magic.

At Anasounds, we wondered if it was possible to find in one pedal: compression, dynamics and harmonics.
Thus, by reworking the very principle of the compressor,
the Lazy Comp is born!

Why the Lazy Comp?

The Lazy Comp is an optical compressor, fully adjusted upstream by us. On the front, there is a single setting: the MIX  (dry/wet), it… mixes clean sound and compressed sound.

The Lazy side of the pedal refers to the fact that this is a plug & play compressor, just turn the Mix potentiometer to find its happiness.
Despite this apparent simplicity, this analog compressor of incomparable quality hides a specific circuit providing a natural compression and saving the dynamics necessary for a warm and strong sound.

How it works !?

  • The sound entering the Lazy Comp is copied into 2 paths that will be named afterward, “clean” and “comp”. This is possible because of quality buffers, inspired by the Bumper. High dynamic and 0.01% THD guaranteed!
  • At the output of the effect, we find a potentiometer of MIX (described previously). Set to 0%, we have the original sound of the guitar. At 100%, the sound is compressed as on a standard compressor, which gives a pump effect on the volume and a lack of dynamics. But if for example, we set the mix pot at 60%, we have a very interesting mix of “clean” and “comp”!
  • Now let’s analyze the “comp” path, we first find what we call a Tone Builder, a few months of research have allowed us to find the ideal analog preamp channel for a warm clean, which goes perfectly on Funk/Pop/Country riffs.
    This is followed by the optical compression cell! In this one, we fixed in “hard” the most annoying parameters, that even inexperienced users of compressors (ie all guitarists, even us, yes true!) can not have a shitty sound …! It remains to adjust the compression and the output volume, already preset for you by the factory, but for the curious who would be among you, the trimpot are still there!
  • For info, the Comp setting will saturate the preamp if you push it fully, be careful! With 2 small diodes it is easy to get a subtle overdrive, but hey, we’re not there for that, right ?! The volume control is very useful because pushing the Mix makes it possible to have a difference in volume between the two paths. This one is able to catch up the difference of volume.

Result? An in-com-par-able sound (modest, true?)! An intelligible mix, offering warmth, roundness and slamming, what more?

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