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«Fuzz if life», as the great man once said. Few guitarists have applied that motto with as much gusto as Julien Bitoun, the famous French fuzzophile who wrote the classic «Raiders of the lost fuzz».
Since that magic effect appeared at the dawn of the sixties, the quest for the ultimate fuzz has inspired designers and musicians alike to try and reach that precarious equilibrium between the fluidity of incandescent magma and the rocky spittings of an amp on the verge of bursting into flames.
To put it in layman’s terms, it ain’t easy to find a fuzz that is all at once huge, brutal, musical and easy to play.
Or, to put it in even simpler terms: growl, buzz and ladida.

It took years of intense fuzzy research for Anasounds and Julien Bitoun to come to the result you are now holding in your hands, shaking with anticipation. The original idea was the make the best possible version of the Super Fuzz. Unlike the 1980 Italian-American movie of the same name, the Super Fuzz is an amazing Japanese pedal dating back from the sixties with a huge sound, with a hint of ring modulation. The only problem is that it’s an ungrateful sound, very hard to play with an abrupt sustain and a very rock grain. Furthermore, the Super Fuzz sounds absolutely huge when you’re playing alone but once you get surrounded by a band, its big mid scoop makes it disapear in the mix.
There was a solution to be found, and there it is: the only thing that’s better than a great fuzz is two great fuzzes. The spark came by plugging an Anasounds Feed Me into a Super Fuzz prototype, and the Bitoun Fuzz was born. Many other brands build dual fuzz pedals, and they offer you the possibility to toggle between to different fuzz personalities. The Bitoun Fuzz is not a dual fuzz, it is a double fuzz! It brings together two circuits that have been designed to work together in order to bring you the ultimate fuzz sound, the one you have been relentlessly searching for… until now.

It is now time to plug the beast. Get your head in the right mindset, the shock could be significant. The settings should not confuse you for long: the tone takes you from a big dark sound to an aggressive lightning bolt, and the volume can severely boost your poor terrified amp. Start with a low setting and take it from there.
Take a deep breath and strike your first note: welcome to the wonderful world of the Bitoun Fuzz, a world in which you will never have to look for the fuzz pedal of your dreams again. It is right here, at your feet. Use it wisely since, as the great man once said, «with great fuzz comes great responsibility.».

More info in the wonderful manual.

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