Anarchy Audio Australia Sentinel


The Sentinel is a more raw and cutting take on the standard fuzz, which itself is an off-shoot of the classic superfuzz circuit.

The stock standard fuzz has a stomp to select between an extremely mid scooped setting to a non mid scooped setting. The Sentinel represents what would be the next tone change up - aggressively voiced to focus on the upper mid/high range frequencies with the goal of cutting through the mix, while still retaining the tonal attributes of the original standard fuzz.

Special attention has been paid to the Gain control, which allows a dynamic range for boosting into your dirt source (be it amp or pedal), to completely obliterating your speakers with metallic overtones. Cleaning up the fuzz intensity with your guitar's volume control is achievable and if you wish, even nastier lo-fi and excessive mid scoop tones can be created when the Sentinel is placed after your dirt source. A Texture control gives the ability to blend in the octave intensity.


  • 125B powder coated and laser-screened enclosure
  • True bypass
  • On/off indicator Led
  • Requires 9V power via 2.1 mm center neg jack
  • (standard boss PSU)
  • Current draw ~ 10 mA


  • Fuzz – adjusts the Fuzz Gain Intensity
  • Texture – Varies the Mids and Octave Intensity
  • Balance– adjusts the Volume Gain

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