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The Esquilax is a simple but effective 3 Band Active Equalizer , easily utilised to refine and/or provide an alternative sound to your core base tone.

Inserting the Esquilax after your gain source (i.e distortion/fuzz/overdrive pedal) or in your amplifier's series effects loop, allows further tone sculpting and refinement of the Low,Mid and High frequencies along with overall volume output. Placed prior to your gain source, allows for adjustment and fine tuning of the guitar and pickup's characteristics.

The Low control is voiced specifically for fans of huge, yet tight percussive low end, no matter the volume level whilst the uniquely voiced Mids and High controls interact to allow a variety of tonal shaping between scooped and grinding rhythms, cocked wah tones or just adding presence, without the piercing top end.


  • 125B powder coated and laser screened enclosure
  • True bypass
  • On/off indicator Led
  • Requires 9-18V power via 2.1 mm centre neg jack
  • (standard boss psu)
  • Current draw ~ 10 mA


  • Low – Bass Frequencies +/- 15db
  • Mid – Midrange Frequencies +/- 15db
  • High - Treble Frequencies +/- 15db
  • Level – overall volume output

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