Ananashead FX V2 Superfuzz


AnanasHead FX

Ananashead V2 Superfuzz

A handmade updated Shin-Ei FY6/Univox Super Fuzz pedal. Classic octave fuzz with matched transistors and NOS Ge diodes for more pronounced octave

Controls are Balance, Expander, Octave and Tone for blend between scooped and flat mids

Other features: 

Shielded inputs/outputs to avoid RF interferences. Matched transistors and diodes for more octave effect. Alpha reliable and robust footswitch. Alpha potentiometers with dust shield. Nichicon, Rubycon and WIMA caps. 1% metal film resistors for lower floor noise. Filtered and wrong polarity diode protected DC9V input with 2.1 mm center negative standard jack for typical Boss type adaptor use. Can be daisy-chained with your other pedals. Enclosed jacks. Popless True Bypass switching

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