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Introducing, The TexTone Overdrive (tm). This is a redesigned and tweaked TS-808 circuit, creating an open, natural sounding drive.  This overdrive was created in mind that a lot of players didn't really like the nasally mid hump that the original vintage overdrive in a funny green enclosure has. So the challenge was accepted to create an overdrive that still has the characteristics of the original BUT still has a voice of its own.

This overdrive was designed to not only be versatile in its drive stage, but also to have a familiar yet unique sound.  Too many overdrives lack low end, or get loose and flabby as the drive is increased.  The TexTone Overdrive keeps a great, warm, low end that stays clean, clear, and thick even at higher drive settings.  Additionally ,the TexTone Overdrive does not lose any high end as the guitar’s volume is rolled down.  There was a lot of time and effort put in this design to ensure outstanding cleanup, cover a lot of drive ranges, remain warm, and be one of the most touch sensitive pedals out there. The layout of this pedal is very simple. Volume, Drive, Tone. Thats it, and thats all you need, not any extra switches,  knobs, buttons, bells ,whistles or anything to confuse you.

The overall tone is open, dynamic and full.  Extra headroom can be achieved by using a 12v 200mA negative tip power adapter. Can run 9v or 12v. The feel, sustain, harmonics, thickness, and everything about The TexTone Overdrive is an outstanding recreation of an already great pedal.

It has been said the TexTone Overdrive is a great pedal for those smaller amps, Princeton Reverb, Champ, Blues Jr., AC15, Tiny Terror, etc. It helps with that extra little push needed to overdrive those tubes without losing tonal integrity. It has also been used just as a boost with those amps also. Or in combination with another drive type pedal. Its up to you how you want to use it.

It is also a great companion to those bigger more powerful amps too.


  • VOLUME – Controls the output level.

  • TONE – Controls the amount of high end. The same tone control as used in the vintage original.

  • DRIVE– Very straight forward Drive control.  High quality Burr Brown OpAmp chips are used to voice this pedal.  However, if you want the true to original sound, the OpAmp is socketed, so this means the end user can swap out different chips. So you CAN use that JRC4558 chip used in the original. Drive control can be thought of in the same way as “Gain” or “Drive” on a typical 3-knob overdrive. Stays true to the original.  BUT with the ability to change out OpAmps, You are able to dial in different voices that meet your needs.


  • Powder coated enclosure

  • High quality components resulting in unique tone

  • Hand built and tested one at a time in TEXAS U.S.A.!


  • True bypass, high quality 3dpdt switch

  • Center negative (standard Boss) 9V power source. No batteries used.

  • Will also run on 12v at 200mA negative tip power adapter

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