Analogue Solutions Concussor module SY01 Synthesizer/Drum Synth


    Low Pass FilterCut-OffThis alters the cut-off frequency of the LPF.
    EG Amountcontrols how much the envelope generator influences the cut-off frequency
    X-ModThis sets the amount of cross modulation between the audio input number 2, and the cut-off frequency. To hear the effect, the resonance control should be set to maximum. Any audio source can be used for cross modulation, but I find modulated pulse width waveforms work especially well. Cross modulation can be performed by feeding audio into the cut-off CV inputs, but this method offers no attenuation.
    EnvelopeAttackSets the rate at which the EG goes from zero to maximum level.
    DecaySets the rate at which the EG goes to zero after reaching maximum.
    Sustain (In/Out)
    • In: when a key is held down (i.e. the gate input is active with +5V), the envelope will remain at it's maximum level, (after the attack section of the EG cycle), i.e. it will sustain. In this mode, the Decay control becomes a Release control, setting the rate at which the EG takes to get from maximum to zero, after the key is released.
    • Out: There is no sustain, so the length of the envelope is wholly dependant on the attack and decay rates, and not on how long a key is pressed.
    VCAVCA Mode (EG/Gate/Thru)
    • Gate: The gate/trigger input signal is used to control the VCA, i.e. the VCA will either be on or off fully.
    • EG: The envelope contour signal will control the VCA
    • Bypass: The VCA will be permanently on, at maximum level. In this mode the SY01 can be used like traditional filter modules, without the need to gate the VCA.
    VolumeSets the output level from the VCA.


  • Audio In 1/2
    Audio inputs to the VCF. Audio In 2 will also send its signal to the X-Mod control.
  • Cut-Off CV In 1/2
    -12 to +12V CV input for control of cut-off.
  • Resonance CV In
    0 to +12V CV input for control of resonance level.
  • Gate In
    Gate/trigger input to activate the EG. 0V off, +5V on.
  • EG Out
    The EG signal is output here. EG range is 0 to +5V.
  • Audio Out
    Audio out from the VCA (i.e. main audio output from SY01).
  • VCA CV In
    -12 to +12 CV input for control of the VCA level.


Analogue Solutions

The SY01 is basically a whole synth in one module, minus the oscillators (which we are working on). The SY01 comprises a Moog-type ladder voltage controlled low pass filter (VCF), envelope generator (EG) and voltage controlled amplifier (VCA). These are all internally hardware patched in the traditional monosynth configuration. This reduces an enormous amount of patching in what must be the most common patching between a VCF, EG and VCA, it also gives a huge saving compared to buying the VCF/EG/VCA separately.

Although hardware pre-patched, the module is totally patchable in the traditional modular way. Some additional less seen features are, cross-modulation control and CV control of the resonance.

The SY01 can do more than just filter external audio...

By combing the VCF/EG/VCA into one module, it can act as a complete drum voice/drum synth module producing kicks, sweeps, pulse hits, toms and other electronic noises with no other modules required. With additional CV/audio control to cross modulation the filter cut-off (with the resonance set to self-oscillation) can be produced the create many new types of sounds.

The envelope generator can produce very fast attack and decay times. Short settings may produce a slight click. This is quite normal with fast envelopes. It can be eliminated by slightly increasing attack or decay time.

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