AnalogPro Twindrive


  • Drive A
  • Tone
  • Level
  • Unity
  • Drive B
  • A/B
  • Bypass



The one and only switchable twin channel low and high gain overdrive of it's kind. Feels like a tube, sounds like a tube with it's smooth tone and breakup like personality. Strong, tight overdrive with wide frequency range, drive versatility and sparkling harmonics. Set channel A from clean to drive and channel B from drive to greatly sustaining tube overdrive while retaining that awesome vintage tube amp tone. Perfect for both rhythm and lead, use it just like amp channel switching. Twindrive has a fine balance of hair, dirt and grunt, yet remains creamy sounding at all times. Adjusting the drive knobs not only sets the amount of drive but to a degree also it's tonality, smoothness and punch making it adaptable to various playing styles. If you're looking for a versatile yet great sounding pedal, this is the one to have. AnalogPro Twindrive has come a long way since it's first prototype back in the 80's!

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