AnalogPro Paisley


  • Fuzz
    controls the amount of fuzz
  • Level
    controls the output volume of the effect



Paisley was born out of need for a fuzz style pedal which could do more than just an ordinary fuzz box but still remain simple in design.

Unlike standard fuzz pedal the Paisley is very dynamic and versatile.

It integrates well between guitar player and amp, suits many styles of music and it's small enough to fit in your guitar case.

You can get your Paisley to sound thin, fat, sparkly and more just by simple interaction between Paisley and your guitar volume control.

It can also be used as an overdrive or a distortion since it's fuzz is not too excessive.

You'll find that the Paisley can easily become an extension of your own playing style. It's got the tone to die for and even bass players love it.

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