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Analog Man Block Logo Envelope Filter Pedal

NOS MXR Envelope filter board built into a modern boutique pedal with new up/down toggle and EMPHASIS knob.


  • No hype, no press releases, no ads, just tone. 
  • Real NOS MXR boards for original sounds, but we added the third knob and toggle switch so you could get more tones. The UP/DOWN toggle allows those Mutron type reverse Wah sounds. The EMPHasis knob allows more or less extreme tones. 
  • Also we added LED, True bypass, and 9vDC power jack of course.
  • We are making 100 of these with the NOS MXR boards. 
  • Get your funk on!!
  • This pedal is not as "synth filtery" sounding as the Mu-Tron, maybe more like an auto wah. 

As usual, we do a little tweaking to make the pedal more usable. We put a blue trimpot inside on the circuit board, so you can adjust the envelope for different guitars.

Turned all the way up (clockwise) it's exactly the same as the old MXR and works great with weaker pickups like single coils. We normally set it turned down a bit, vertical, to work better for humbuckers or allow a deeper sound with single coils. You can turn it down further to get lower frequencies, even sort of "sub-bass" frequencies that are cool on bass guitar!

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