Analog King ZenTone - Harmonic Drive


Analog King

This is the Zen Tone. It is inspired by the "Zend..." and Dumble type overdrive sounds. The tone of this pedal is usually associated with some of the most expensive amplifiers on the market. At lower gains settings the pedal goes from jazz, country to fusion tones. At higher gain settings the ZenTone gets into Dumble zone with good sustain and overdrive, but still harmonic, brilliant dynamic response, sweet and musical.

The Opamp is an orginal Burr Brown OPA2604. The diodes are a combination of St Mircroelectronic BAT41, BAT46 and vintage glass gemanium IN60.

The switch on the pedal is a mid-cut, and lets better adjust from single coil to humbucker guitars.


  • all handsoldered with silver wire, heatshrink on the solder joints for longest durability
  • entire dust sealed audio grade potentiometers
  • real polished stainless steel top and black steel bottom enclosure
  • easy access battery case on the backside, effect can be powered either with 9V battery or 9V PSU
  • AVX box capacitors, nichicon audio caps and 1% metal film and Dale USA resistors used
  • original Neutrik YS gold layerd in and out jacks for longest durability
  • 3PDT heavy stomp switch used for True Bypass
  • custom magenta colored LED
  • The quality of this pedal is made to last for generations
  • Power Supply: 9 volt tip negative barrel plug or 9V battery
  • size: 190 * 90 * 40 mm, weight: about 350g

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