Analog King 12AU7 Tube Booster


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This is the Analog King Tube Overdrive & Booster Pedal. Run it direct infront of your amp or boost any of your favorite overdrive, distortion, fuzz ... pedals. You can even run it infront of a delay or chorus. It will always make your sound more warm and natural. The sound goes from jazz, blues, to rock and even metal tones, depending on the settings of the Drive knob and if you use it in combination with an overdrive pedal or not.

  • Drive - regulates intensity of overdrive. At 0 the pedal is a clean booster with much headroom. Turn the knob all the way up and it goes into mild distortion.
  • Tone - this is for finetuning the Tone. Its recommended to tune your main Tone at your amplifier
  • Volume - regulates the Volume ;)

The Tube is a 12AU7 Type and if the pedal is engaged it will glow (yes, tubes glow :9). The enclosure is made of a stainless steel top and a steel bottom. Rubber Feets are screwed to the case. This Pedal also uses a robust 3PDT stompswitch and is True Bypass. Build like a german tank. What else should i say ? - Killer Pedal.

You can run it with 9 volt or 12 volt, but it sounds much better 12 volts. The 12 Volt power supply unit is included. The appropriate adapter for your country will be included. Plug and play ready.

I am the builder of the pedal and give 6 months warranty. Every pedal will be tested with guitar before we send it out. This pedal is limited to 50 units and individually numbered, i will not make it anymore after it is sold out.

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