Analog King Fuzz Machine - Germanium Fuzz + Overdrive


  • Vol
    controls the output volume of the effect
  • Gate
    controls how soon the signal is cut off when the input volume drops
  • Comp
    controls the amount of compression
  • Drive
    controls the amount of "dirt" (overdrive/distortion/fuzz)
  • Stag
    controls the frequency of small boosted range of frequencies, turning the knob clockwise moves that frequency from low to high (bass to treble).


the manufacturer

This is the Fuzz Machine. Its based on the factory circuit but additional there is an overdrive feature included. Turn the white knob to almost the end of the range and the effect will skip from Fuzz into Overdrive.


  • 2 hand selected genuine Germanium Transistors
  • handmade and hand soldered for longest durability
  • real polished stainless steel top and black steel bottom
  • battery case on the backside, effect can be powered either with 9V battery or 9V power supply
  • AVX box capacitors, nichicon audio caps and 1% metal film resistors used
  • 3PDT heavy stomp switch used

Every unit is tested and played with guitar before we send it out!

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