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Green Muff is a clone of Electro-Harmonics Big Muff that was produced in Russia in 1990s.

This version is known as "Tall Font", "Green", "Sovtek" or "V7" and has a dark distorted sound with lots of sustain.

It was made famous by David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) and Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth).

The controls are:

  • Distortion - sets amount of distortion (sustain) 
  • Tone - filters out high or low frequencies 
  • Volume - sets the output volume 
As we're located in Russia, it is still possible to get some of the components that were used in the original Russian Big Muff.
The Green Muff has the same new old stock transistors (kt3102em) and diodes (kd521a) as the original circuit. Some of the capacitors as well.

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