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Analog Alien Launches Alien Bass Station Pedal at 2014 NAMM Convention

Premier effects pedal company Analog Alien is proud to announce the launch of a new pedal at  NAMM in 2014. They will be showcasing the new Alien Bass Station along with their previously released line of equipment in Anaheim Convention Center in California on Thursday, January 23rd to Sunday, January 26th in Hall A, Booth #6897.

The Alien Bass Station is a multi-effects pedal designed specifically for bass players who are looking to shape and control their sound in both live and studio sessions. This unique one-of-a-kind pedal combines three essential effects that all bass player should have: limiter/compressor, amp generator, and gamma fuzz.

The limiter/compressor section allows control of a bass guitar’s dynamic range without suppressing tones. The amp generator has the characteristics of a tube bass amp, similar to a classic Ampeg B-15. The gamma fuzz is truly unique among fuzz pedals as it allows the stronger and lower bass frequencies to produce more fuzz giving it a whole new expressive harmonic richness.

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