Analog Alien


    Analog Alien is run by brothers Jack and Joe Napoli. The company is located on Long Island, just 50 minutes outside of New York City.

    Timeline (by Jack Napoli)

    • December 2009:  The first prototype of the FuzzBubble-45 was completed.
    • September 2010:  The official release of the FuzzBubble-45 on the internet.
    • January 2011:  We got our first dealer in the U.S.: Prymaxe Vintage.
    • May 2011:  We received a 4 1/2 star review from Premier Guitar magazine.
    • July 2011:  We had to expand our work area to accommodate the increase in pedal orders.
    • April 2012:  Our second pedal, the Alien Twister, was officially released.

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