AMT Electronics TS Tweed Sound


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AMT (2007)

TWEED SOUND - belongs to the popular valve distortion emulator series. The original circuitry solution of this 100% analog overdrive makes it possible for the musicians to use it for different music styles. Dense but valve-like worm and transparent sound of Tweed Sound will be relevant in studio as well as any life performance. Frequency compensating output of this device can be connected not only to a guitar combo but also directly to a mixer or a recorder's linear input.

AMT Electronics

Now being used by some of the Top 10 Country bands. Pure tweed country blues overdrive tone in one very convincing pedal. The best classic Tweed style pedal on the market. Cover anything from blues, jazz, chickin pickin, and classic rock with this baby. This pedal will fill the style voids in your pedalboard, try one out today. Equipped with Level, Low, High, and Drive knobs for custom tone control.

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