AMT Electronics TH-1 Tube Hall


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AMT (2007)

Valve-based analog-digital pedal (valve pre-amp + DSP), comprising quite a collection of effects. Two hall types, three room versions, two kinds of plate, spring and eight delay types. The storage capacity offers the possibility of using 16 factory presets or changing them in accordance with your own preferences.

The entire set of the effects parameters are subject to alteration and can be stored in the device memory.

Comfortable user interface makes it possible to master the device practically in no time at all even at intuition level.

Tube hall is equipped with alphanumeric LCD display, reflecting all currently used parameters both in operation mode and editing mode. The device control is done by a single multifunctional encoder knob as well as two foot switches based on optical components which gives them practically unlimited operation life. The device can be used in mono and stereo modes.

The anode voltage of the valve is 230 V, the device is powered by standard adapter made by AMT Electronics (included).

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