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AMT Electronics

The TDD-3, leading the industry in delay by offering a whopping 3.35 seconds of delay at pristine 24-bit audio quality, AND with tap tempo technology. There is not a cleaner sounding tap delay pedal on the market. Why own two or three delay pedals because they only go to 400-600ms? That's what AMT was thinking when they designed the TDD delay. Keep it short and sweet for slapback style delay, max it out to 3+ seconds for that crazy long delay, and everything else in between. This delay pedal is for all styles of guitar playing, and will meet and exceed your needs and expectations.

Keeping it simple. Very easy to use and operate. There are two stomp switches and 3 control knobs. The BYPASS stop switch turns the pedal on and off, while the TAP/SET stomp switch sets the start and stop time of your tap tempo rate time set. E LEVEL adjusts the overall output volume of the repeats that the pedal is generating. Setting the E LEVEL nearly all CCW will produce a very dry sounding delay, almost identical to your input signal. Moving the E LEVEL full CW removes the dry input signal and outputs only the wet repeat sounds. Basically the E LEVEL control acts as a signal "mix" knob, which is very essential in a delay pedal. Next is the D TIME, that sets the delay time manually, if not using the tap tempo function. Lastly is the F BACK knob. This sets the amount of repeats that will be produced by the pedal. Set anything to one repeat, to hundreds.

Another extremely useful feature designed into the TDD-3 is a dual output configuration. This is useful for guitarists using a multi speaker cabinet setup or also in studio work. Players have the option to output the signal in MIX mode or to individual outputs DIRECT and WET. The TDD-3 can output the original signal and delay signal to two different jacks, much like the famous classic tape machines.

Perfect for all styles of music from jazz, classical, rock, country, blues, to metal. The TDD-3 will provide all players with the perfect delay sound they are looking for, with no limitations.

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