AMT Electronics LLM-2 Little Loud Mouth Volume Pedal



AMT Electronics

We continue our series of compact AMT WH-1 pedals and present Little Loudmouth LLM-1 optical volume control pedal!

The active volume control pedal is designed for guitar, bass guitar and keyboards volume control.

The pedal has high input impedance of 1MOhm and low output impedance - 10 KOhm which makes it easy to integrate it into any effect chain without signal quality loss.

Little Loudmouth LLM-1 is capable of smooth instrument signal volume change within three ranges by means of output signal switch:

  • from +12 to -45dB
  • from +6 to -48dB
  • from 0 to -50dB

Technical specifications:

  • Powered by stabilized 9-12V power supply or 9V battery
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact size: 110x62x58 mm (easily fits into gig bag)
  • Weight without battery 0.45 kg

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