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In the early 90's Mike Soldano created the amp, which later became a kind of a standard for metal sound realized with variations in Lead channels of various amplifiers (Soldano, Mesa / Boogie Rectifier, H & K Triamp). The common sound basis of these amplifiers was the 5-stage preamp, whose solid and bright sound is reproduced by this model.  

General Information

Two-channel LA-2 series preamp effects are designed to produce clean and overdriven guitar sound within a variety of guitar channel organization. The basic concept of the series is "your own sound in your pocket."  LA-2 incorporates original circuit designs developed by the specialists of AMT, which allow to obtain bright and rich sound in the style of the original tube overdrives using low-voltage (9V) power and low current consumption.

The distinctive feature of the series is the presence of three outputs intended for implementation of basic types of channels organization:

  • Direct connection to guitar system power amp
  • Connection to "clean" channel of a guitar combo or amp
  • Direct connection to a mixer.

All three outputs can be used simultaneously!, thus fully carrying out its functions and not interfering with each other.

When connected to the amp or a mixer La-2 acts as a two-channel preamp providing switch between clean and overdriven channels by means of a  footswitch. CLEAN channel is universal for all models of the series and sounds in the style of classic Fender amps.

When using LA-2 in effect mode the "clean" channel of an external amplifier or a combo is used. Please be aware that the used combo or amplifier largely determines the resulting sound.

When in effect mode the series uses "partial" active bypass, which reduces the need to minimize the length of used cables and retains the original sound of the instrument when the effect is off.


LA-2 series preamps are easy to use due to the small number of controls.

The sensitivity of channels is defined by the position CLEAN GAIN and DRIVE GAIN controls. Different models of the series have different overall drive-channel sensitivity corresponding to the sensitivity of the emulated overdrive.

TREBLE, MIDDLE, BASS controls provide adjustable high, middle and lower frequencies of Drive channel. The button switch like Clean Mid-Boost enables selection of tonal ratio from among mid, high and low frequencies of the preamp’s "clean" channel. Clean Gain and Clean Mid-Boost controls have no effect on the sound passing through the bypass in effect mode!

The output signal level is determined by the position LEVEL control and when set to 13 hours provides standard - 10dB level. The output signal level at the maximum control position reaches + 8 dB, so use this position only if you want to overdrive the input circuits of your combo or obtain additional overdrive for the amp. 

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