AMT Electronics FT Fatal Tube


  • Level
  • Low
  • High
  • Drive
  • Contour
  • Gain



FATAL TUBE - is a guitar effect with tube overdrive emulation and built-in combo emulation. The expanded section of tone correction makes it possible to control all the characteristics of this device. Contour knob in addition to traditional Low и High is designed for detailed mid-range tone control of your guitar. By using Gain and Drive knobs you can set the extent of distortion of clean and distorted signals separately. These really useful functions allow for the flexible approach to your individual sound shaping.

AMT Electronics

Fatal tube is the perfect choice for players who prefer a hint of tube tone with their metal. Similar to the AMT Metalizer, but with added tube characteristics and more knobs for greater tone control. Equipped with Level, Low, High, Drive, Gain, and Contour knobs. Guitarist have a wide range of sounds can be generated from the Fatal Tube. Secretly used by many professionals, who don't want to give away their signature sound. One of the best selling among the AMT line, just listen and see why.

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