AMT Electronics DT-2 DistStation


  • Level
  • Low
  • High
  • Drive
  • Mic (Off Axis/Center/Classic)
  • Mod (Hot Wired/Hi Gain/Clean)
  • Amp (California/British/Clean)


AMT (2007)

DISTSTАTION DT2 - is a multifunctional distortion with multiple control knobs and switches making it possible to change all characteristics of the device. It is designed for the musicians who want to have under their feet maximum possibilities for realization of their versatile creative tasks.

DistStation will help you create your own tones corresponding to your individual playing style. The three 3-positon switches allow the player to choose combo type, the structure of its pre-amplification and position of virtual mike in relation to virtual combo speaker. Individual tone, volume, distortion level adjustments smoothly control the sound palette.

AMT Electronics

AMT Electronics is proud to offer best sounding, most versatile, and price friendly distortion box you will find, anywhere. The DT2 is equipped to handle a vast range of medium to heavy distortion sounds due to its multi-position adjustment switches. Choose between California, British, and Tweed amps either Hot Wired, Hi Gain, or Clean. Also adjust your tone for direct recording even further with mic placement setting options of classic, center cone, or off-axis. Equipped with Low, High, and Drive knobs. Virtually endless combinations of tones, for the player who likes to have more than a one trick pony. This pedal is a definitely a true workhorse. Thick, crunchy, grinding, in your face rhythm guitar like you've never heard before.

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