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General characteristics

Drive Series Effects are designed to be connected to "clean" channel inputs of guitar combos and amplifiers and are intended for getting overdriven guitar sound.The effects of the series allow performers to obtain warm, natural sound within a wide range of legendary tube amps preserving individuality of your instrument.

In the Drive Series we used new original circuitry solutions developed by AMT specialists  based on tube stages emulation which allow you to get bright and rich sounds in the style of  original tube overdrives while using low voltage (9V) power and insignificant electric current consumption (less than 4mA).

When using Drive Series Effects you should be aware of the fact that the resulting sound is mainly affected by the combo or amplifier you use as well as the instrument you play.

The series feature the passive bypass, which, on the one hand, is cable-quality dependent, on the other - retains the original sound of the instrument when the effect is off.


Drive Series Effects are easy to handle and require minimum adjustments.

The pedal sensitivity is determined by the position of GAIN control and depending on the model provides overall sensitivity corresponding to the sensitivity of emulated overdrive.

The output level is determined by the position of LEVEL control; its 13 hours adjustment provides the standard level of -10dB. The output level at its maximum position reaches +8 dB, so use this position only if you want to overdrive the input circuit of your combo or amplifier.

The pedal also features TONE control, which is designed for general tone matching of the pedal overdrive with clean or crunch channel of your combo (amp). In this case, it is recommended to adjust basic tone control directly in the combo.

To enhance the tone matching with amplifiers and combos that have different overall sound character, we provided incremental adjustment of Voice.

Individual Effects Features

Drive Series Effects is represented by several pedals each of which focuses on obtaining a particular overdrive type.

The concept of VHT amps lead channels is a kind of uterine growling overdrive.  The AMT engineers tried to implement it as far as they could in Vh-drive effect.

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