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AMT (2007)

DIST MACHINE DM-3 - This is a 100% analog distortion with digital control functions and effects parameters memory.

The device has four banks (banks A,B,C,D), each of which has four programmable patches (distortions types) 1,2,3,4 each having eight variable parameters. In fact it means that the owner of DistMachine DM-3 has a quick access to 16 patches (distortion types) with various effect parameters - from slight transparent overdrive in rock'n'roll style to mighty and heavy metal distortion type.

All factory tone settings can be copied from one patch to another (COPY function), changed as required and store to any patch (SAVE function) of any bank. Here we provided UNDO function, i.e. the opportunity to undo the last move and return to the previous one within the programmed patch. Besides, all factory distortion settings can be reset (RESET function). The friendly user interface of DistMachine DM-3 makes it really simple to master the tone parameters editing, storing and copying techniques.

Moving from one bank to another, from one patch to another or to BYPASS position is accomplished by means of two multi-functional footswitches. Prompt access to patches is achieved according to your own algorithm:

  • patch selection along the big cycle (i.e. from one type to another in cycle)
  • patch selection within current bank (by means of bank selection function)

All these functions make DistMachine DM-3 indispensable during live performances when a guitar player needs to switch among the distortion types without bending and stopping at exact moment. DistMachine DM-3 is the first device to incorporate new types of footswitches providing the device durability and switching reliability.

In order to monitor the current status DistMachine DM-3 incorporates a string of multicolored led indicators. They reflect all functions and parameter values of the device beginning from bank and patch number to all parameters that are being changed at a given moment as well as battery condition.

DistMachine DM-3 output is balanced in such a way that it can be connected both to a mixer line input and guitar combo.

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