AMT Electronics CS California Sound


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AMT (2007)

CALIFORNIA SOUND - he is an analog distortion effect equipped with valve distortion emulation circuitry. Pronounced guitar mid-tones and deep dense lows make this device really useful in various styles of modern guitar music. California Sound uses peculiar for АМТ produced devices frequency compensated output shaping the guitar speaker tone. Due to this you can connect it not only to your guitar combo but also directly to mixer. Level, Low, High and Drive controls are designed for smooth and operative volume, effect, highs, lows and distortion levels adjustments.

AMT Electronics

Rectified lead tone like you've never heard before, all from one compact stompbox. Incredible midrange focused tone that cuts seamlessly through any style of music. Level, Low, High, and Distortion knobs allow precise shaping of the output to give you the unique, perfect sound you've been searching for. Full of rich harmonics, nuances, and presence. The absolute best instrumental lead guitar pedal ever created.

A must have pedal for any guitarist or studio. Used by the world famous instrumental guitarist Dimitar Nalbantov.

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