AMT Electronics CP-100FX Pangaea - IR Speaker Cabinet Simulator / Multi-Effects Pedal



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AMT Electronics CP-100FX Pangaea IR Speaker Cabinet Simulator / Multi-Effects Pedal

Thank you so much for checking out a BRAND NEW w/ warranty AMT Electronics CP-100FX Pangaea Impulse Response (IR) Speaker Cabinet Emulator & Multi-Effects Pedal!

AMT Electronics is delighted to introduce a new product – AMT Electronics CP-100FX Pangaea. The new CP-100FX is not just a cabinet simulator, combined w/ a multi-effects pedal: it's a powerful and flexible tool with an incredibly wide range of sound-shaping possibilities for a professional touring musician or for those, who are just starting out.

IR Speaker Cabinet Simulator

The new AMT Electronics CP-100FX Pangaea can emulate the sound of any miked guitar/bass guitar cabinet, whose Impulse Responses (IRs) are free or commercially available on the Internet and can be easily loaded to the Pangaea with a microSD memory card or via USB.

The CP-100FX's internal memory can hold up to 99 presets w/ an IR cabinet model and effects.

There are 2 (two) modes how the CP-100FX Pangaea handles IRs:

  1. Mono IR processing with bit depth and sample rate of 24 bits / 48 kHz and latency of 1.5 ms (0.0015 s)
  2. Stereo IR processing (2 separate mono IRs w/ tweakable volume and pan/balance) w/ a latency of 1.8 ms (0.0018 s)

The CP-100FX got an intuitive user interface and high-contrast OLED display.

IR Files Loading

Loading IRs to the CP-100FX Pangaea is implemented by copying IR files from a micro SD card.

You are able to browse and preview IR files on the microSD card in real-time, thanks to a built-in File Manager. Then, the chosen IR is stored in the CP-100FX's internal memory as a preset, combined w/ effects settings.

You can also load IRs by connecting the CP-100FX Pangaea to a computer: the device is recognized by an operating system as a USB flash drive, just like the standard CP-100 Pangaea.

Multi-Effects Unit

The FX section consists of the following modules:

  • TR (Tuner)
  • PR (Preamplifier) is a neutral-EQ preamp model, that allows to connect an overdrive/distortion pedal directly to the CP-100FX (w/o the necessity in using an external preamp) w/ 5 editable parameters and the module output level meter
  • PA (Power Amplifier) module emulates the sound of an overdriven single-, double-ended 6L6/EL34 tube guitar power amplifier w/ 4 (four) editable parameters and output level meter
  • EQ (Parametric EQ) is a 5-Band Parametric EQ module:
    BandCenter FrequencyGain/CutQ Factor
    120-220 Hz±15 dB0.1-10
    2260-460 Hz±15 dB0.1-10
    3600-1000 Hz±15 dB0.1-10
    41000-3000 Hz±15 dB0.1-10
    51000-11000 Hz±15 dB0.1-10
    and a High-Pass and Low-Pass filter and Presence parameter.
  • DL (Delay) is a digital delay effect:
    • 12 (twelve) tweakable parameters, including delay time (10-2730 ms)
    • Stereo output (two mono outputs w/ editable volume and pan and eparate time and feedback controls)
    • Low-Pass and High-Pass filters affecting the delayed signal
    • Pitch-shifting modulation w/ adjustable speed (rate/frequency) and depth
    • Reverse mode
  • PH (Phaser) – 4, 6 and 8-stage phasers w/ 6 (six) editable parameters
  • FL (Flanger) – flanger w/ adjustable delay time and 2 (two) selectable shapes: sine or triangle wave
  • CH (Chorus) – chorus w/ 5 (five) editable parameters and 4 (four) selectable chorus types:
    • 1 delay line
    • 2 delay lines modulated by an out-of-phase signal in the left and right channels
    • 3 delay lines modulated by a 3-phase sine wave (Leslie speaker simulation)
    • 3 delay lines modulated by a 3-phase sine wave w/ an out-of-phase dry signal in the left channel
  • ER (Early Reflections) module simulates early reflections of the sound in the room
  • RV (Reverb) effect module w/ 7 editable parameters
  • TR (Tremolo) effect module w/ 2 types of volume modulating signal shapes: sine or square wave – and 4 editable parameters


  • Impulse Response based speaker cabinet modeling
  • High-quality digital effects (up to 10 running simultaneously):
    • Delay
    • Phaser
    • Flanger
    • Chorus
    • Early Reflections
    • Reverb
    • Tremolo
  • Store IRs and effects into 99 presets
  • Edit and store numerous effects parameters, e.g., Preamp module's GAIN, EQ: BASS, MIDDLE, HIGH and OUTPUT VOLUME controls, 5-Band Parametric EQ module's center frequency (F), frequency gain (G), Q-factor (Q), Early Reflections amount, Delay's module delay time, feedback, modulation speed, etc.
  • Compact metal body
  • High-contrast OLED display


  • Inputs/Outputs: Overdrive/Distortion Pedal/Preamp/Amp INPUT, AUX IN (for a portable media player), OUT LR and BAL OUT (TRS-unbalanced and XLR-balanced stereo outputs to an audio interface, mixing desk, PA system), PHONES (to headphones), S/PDIF (for connecting to an audio interface w/ an S/PDIF input w/o extra D/A and A/D conversion), THRU (for connecting a tube guitar amplifier to a speaker cabinet or loadbox "through" the CP-100FX), EXP (for connecting an expression pedal), USB (for connecting the CP-100FX to a computer), slot for a microSD memory card
  • Impulse Response (IR) file type: WAV 24 bit 48 kHz
  • Analog Devices ADSP-21489 SHARC Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
  • Latency: 1.5 ms / 0.0015 s – mono IR processing, 1.8 ms / 0.0018 s – Stereo (2 mono IRs)
  • Power requirements: 12 Volts DC, 100 mA / 0.1 A, tip/center negative (power supply included)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 210 x 67 x 36 mm / 8.27 x 2.64 x 1.42"
  • Weight: 0.7 kg / 1.54 lbs

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