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AMT (2007)

BRITISH SOUND - is a classic distortion effect realized in 100% analog circuitry. Adjustable distortion level in the possibility of operative tone control makes it possible to use this device both in studio and on stage. The built-in combo emulator allows a musician to connect it to amplifier, guitar combo, mixer input or recorder's linear input. The four control knobs - Level, Low, High and Dist - are intended for volume, lows and highs, distortion levels correction.

AMT Electronics

Created for all those full stack 4x12 British tone lovers. Want that sound but don't have thousands to spend on a new head and cabinet setup, then you've found the solution. Amazing accurate dead-on reproduction of those classic British stacks by using 100% analog distortion circuitry. Equipped with Level, Low, High, and Drive knobs for custom tone shaping. Finally get that cranked tone without the hassle, all in one compact stomp box.

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