AMT Electronics Bass Pig - Bass Distortion


AMT Electronics

The AMT Bass Pig is for players who want a distortion that is heavier than tube overdrive, but lighter than heavy metal extreme grind. It's a mid-gain distortion perfect for rock, punk, and alternative rock styles. It helps your tone stand out in the mix with an aggressive Low control that's very effective in adding more bottom. Keep it backed off for your normal bass tones, and if you want to vibrate the stage, crank it. Built-in cab emulation circuitry ensures that it sounds equally good whether run through an amp or used for direct recording.


  • Mid-gain distortion
  • Perfect for rock, punk, and alt styles
  • Aggressive Low control adds bottom
  • Built-in cab emulation circuitry

Want it thick but not gnarly? The Bass Pig is your distortion pedal.

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